20-Foot High Tank Cleaned While in Operation

February 21, 2018
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180-CY Removed in Davie, Florida


Capacity was recently restored to the Town of Davie’s WWTP as part of their Capital Improvement Program, a facility which handles an average daily flow of around 3MGD.  More than 180-CY of sand and material was removed from Davie’s 20-foot high surge tank while it remained in full operation.  Using USST’s extended boom and Combination technology, the material removed was immediately ready for disposal.

Davie 1 Resized

USST’s Combination3® Technology at Davie’s WWTP

John McGeary has resided as Chief Operator of the Town of Davie’s WWTP for almost five years, and has 38 years’ experience in the wastewater industry.  He says “[I was] pleased with the professionalism and the efficiency of the operation. We also liked the initial dryness of debris removed during the process.”

With jetter, vacuum and downhole pumping with 49-foot knuckleboom fully integrated on one truck chassis, USST’s Combination technology delivers a powerful punch in the submergent cleaning industry.  No additional equipment or tools are needed to be brought in, saving time and resources for the client.

Davie 8 Resized

USST’s Extended Knuckleboom At Work in Davie’s 20-Foot Surge Tank

Paul Del Favero, USST’s Field Supervisor, lead our crew in completing the Davie project efficiently and on schedule.  Paul Stephenson, Michael Kisling and Donald Barnes were also part of our hardworking team onsite.  All crew members have completed more than 80(+) hours of safety compliance and on-the job training, and are valuble members of the USST team.

USST can quickly clean your facility while it remains in full operation.  Take a look at our process in action and give one of our knowledgeable representatives a call at (844) 765-7866.  They can assist in putting together a specialized plan for your facility to restore valuable capacity.

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