21-Tons Removed from Lift Station In Operation

21-Tons Removed from Lift Station In Operation

September 23, 2019
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Paint-filter dry material.
Paint-filter dry material.

FOGs, sand, grit, and rag material had accumulated over time in a Central Florida lift station, reducing its overall capacity.  A buildup of material in a wet well such as this has the potential to cause several issues, including increased pump run times and wear and tear on equipment.  USST was able to perform sand and grit removal from this 20-foot deep lift station in operation very quickly. 

Typically, multiple pieces of equipment would be needed to tackle this challenging issue.  Fortunately, USST’s Combination truck is more than just a vac truck.  Sporting a vacuum, downhole pump, jetter and extendable boom on one chassis, the Combination trucks have the ability to clean in wet or dry conditions in up to eight different setups.

“Lift stations are one of our specialties,” said Aaron Hood, one of USST’s knowledgeable Field Supervisors.  “Our equipment is designed to clean in a variety of ways, quickly and safely.  We can remove material at an increased rate without having to put the crew down in the tanks.”

The Combination3® Truck
The Combination Truck

In this case, the USST crew first removed FOGs and floating rags from the surface of the wet well using the Combination Truck’s powerful vacuum.  The downhole pump was then engaged to remove approximately a foot and a half of sand, grit, and rag material from the bottom of the structure.  All of this occurred while the lift station was in full operation.  Risky confined space entry was not needed, as is typical on a project of this kind, due to the efficiencies of our equipment.

In total, approximately 21-tons were removed from the structure with no issues.  Due to the GritGone Process®, the sand and grit material was paint-filter dry and ready for offsite disposal.

Have a lift station that needs attention?  The Combination Truck makes restoring lift station capacity easier than you think.  Call one of our knowledgeable representatives for a free quote or to ask any questions you may have at (844) 765-7866 or email info@ussubmergent.com. Check out our video to learn more about the Combination technology.

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