340-Tons of Sand and Grit Removed Using Multiple Cleaning Methods

November 15, 2019
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Combination3® Truck with 49-foot extended boom removed sand and grit from Quincy's Nitro Tank while in operation.
Combination Truck with 49-foot extended boom removed sand and grit from Quincy’s Nitro Tank while in operation.

Four structures at the City of Quincy’s Wastewater Treatment Plant were overdue for cleaning, due to a significant amount of sand and grit accumulation over the last 30-years.  With multiple setups needed to complete the project, the USST crew mobilized to the site armed with the versatile Combination Truck and removed the built-up sand and grit.

A 55-foot diameter digester and a 75-foot diameter nitro tank were the first two structures the crew tackled.  While the structures were in full operation, USST utilized the Combination Truck’s downhole pump combined with the GritGone Process® and removed sand and grit material.  The truck’s 49-foot extendable boom was utilized to reach over the 15-foot and 12-foot high walls of each structure, respectively.  Because the tanks did not have to be taken offline or drained down in either case, confined space entry was not required. 

Extended 49-foot knuckle boom with dripless tubes at work on Nitro Tank in Quincy.
Extended 49-foot knuckle boom with dripless tubes at work on Nitro Tank in Quincy.

Next, the USST crew turned to the third and fourth structures needing to be cleaned: two combined fermentation and anoxic tanks, both measuring approximately 24-feet wide by 80-feet in length.  These tanks needed to be taken offline due to capacity issues, and a drain down was necessary to effectively reach the material.  The work was performed via confined space entry by the USST crew utilizing the Combination Truck’s powerful vacuum technology.  Check out the project recently completed in Delray Beach to learn more about our vacuum capabilities. 

“Having the ability to clean both wet or dry conditions on a jobsite gives us an advantage in the field,” said USST Operations Manager, Paul Del Favero.  “We don’t have to bring multiple pieces of equipment to the site and we can accommodate clients who are unable to take structures offline.”

In total, approximately 340-tons of sand and grit were removed from Quincy’s four structures and disposed of onsite.  The project was completed ahead of schedule, restoring valuable capacity to the treatment plant.

“U.S. Submergent did a very professional job with little or no issues with the operation of the plant,” said Mo Cox, Assistant Director of Utilities for Quincy.

Combination3® Truck at work on Quincy's Digester while in service.
Combination Truck at work on Quincy’s Digester while in service.

The city was also able to take advantage of Florida’s Sand and Grit Grant Program, which makes it possible for communities to address the ongoing issues of sand and grit accumulation in wastewater treatment facilities by reimbursing 50-100% of restoration costs.  If you are a publicly-owned, Florida municipality with an average daily flow of 3MGD or less, you may be eligible for state grant assistance.  Contact our Program Administrator, Michelle Roberts, at mroberts@ussubmergent.com to get details about the State of Florida’s Sand and Grit Grant Program.

Need a structure cleaned quickly or have a facility that must remain online?  USST is well-equipped to perform sand and grit removal from both wet or dry environments, while in operation, and can do so in both submerged and surcharged conditions.  Give one of our representatives a call for a free site assessment at (844) 765-7866 or email info@ussubmergent.com to learn more.

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