364 Tons of Material Removed from Town’s Wastewater Plant

September 28, 2021
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USST Crew Responds to Changed Conditions Adeptly

In rural Northeast Florida, a municipal wastewater treatment plant operating at .4 MGD was reaching critical capacity loss with their surge tank.  This large multi-chamber tank, which is essential to the overall health and functionality of daily operations at the plant, required cleaning.  U.S. Submergent Technologies (USST) was called in to assess the structure and remove the buildup of sand and grit throughout this wastewater tank.

“This project was estimated to have 36 tons of material in the tank, but once we got on-site, we were dealing with at least seven feet of material along the bottom of this structure, much more than originally expected,” said Paul Stephenson, Foreman at USST.  “Combining our experience and knowledge from cleaning hundreds of wastewater tanks, our crew was able to handle several challenges presented on the ground with accessing and removing the material in the safest and most efficient manner possible.”

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USST’s crew overcomes challenges on the ground with their knowledge and experience. Our patented versatile Combination Truck allows us to get the job done safely and efficiently.

USST’s versatile Combination Truck has a 49-foot extendable boom, which was necessary to reach over the tank’s 20-foot wall, and by extending a 150-foot hose to our truck’s powerful vacuum, the crew reached and disposed of 23 loads of material.  In total, 364 tons of sand and grit were removed from the wastewater tank, noticeably improving the water quality, flow, and overall operating systems at this plant.

“In our industry when there is a lack of visibility, it creates uncertainty,” said Keith Sommers, Senior Cost Estimator at USST. “Planning around uncertainty is difficult and can cause changes in the scope of work. In this instance, once the tank was drained down, there was ten times more material inside than originally estimated. This is exactly the reason USST created SediVisionTM which offers complete visibility in full wastewater tanks.”

If your wet infrastructure is suffering from capacity loss due to the accumulation of material, let USST Grit ‘Er Done!®

Contact one of our knowledgeable sales representatives for a free quote at info@ussubmergent.com or 844-958-1207.

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