885-Tons Cleared Out from Storage Tank

885-Tons Cleared Out from Storage Tank

November 20, 2018
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That’s 118,000 Thanksgiving Turkeys!

A water reclamation facility in Central Florida was experiencing reduced capacity due to a buildup of sand, grit and rag material in their methane storage tank.  Due to the challenging nature of the 100-foot diameter, 24-foot domed structure, the facility’s tank, which had been converted to an overflow tank, hadn’t been cleaned in several years, resulting in the accumulation of a significant amount of material.

IMG 1893 lores

Material Accumulation in Methane Tank Pre-Cleaning

With the help of USST’s Combination truck, the USST crew removed an astonishing 885-tons, which accounted for a total of 18-feet of material, from the tank in a two-part plan of attack, led by USST’s experienced Field Supervisors, Paul Del Favero and Aaron Hood.

“The first part of the plan involved using our downhole pump to remove water and sludge by accessing the material from the roof of the tank,” explained Paul. “We were able to remove the sand and grit and decant an acceptable level of sludge and water back to the plant for treatment using our GritGone Process®, avoiding confined space entry for a majority of the project.”

Part-two of the plan involved accessing the remaining sand, grit, sludge, and rag material from an entry point located on the side of the tank.  The USST crew utilized the Combination truck’s high-pressured vacuum via confined space entry to safely and successfully remove the last of the material, and the facility has since gained back full capacity.

IMG 2129 lores

Methane Tank Post-Cleaning, Full Capacity Restored

“We follow all safety and compliance procedures when entering a confined space, taking extra care to monitor air quality levels, maintain proper ventilation, check gas meters and have SCBA’s (Self Contained Breathing Apparatus) on hand at all times,” said Aaron.  “Our goal is to eliminate the need for confined space entry as much as possible, and our equipment allows us to do just that.”

USST’s ability to use a multifaceted approach to the project with one piece of equipment is unparalleled in the marketplace.  We can reach areas in tanks that other can’t, and we specialize in removing material from challenging environments.  If you think you have a structure that is inaccessible, we’d like the opportunity to assess your facility’s situation and provide a solution.  Call (844) 765-7866 or email info@ussubmergent.com to get started.

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