977 Tons of Sand Removed From EQ Tank

977 Tons of Sand Removed From EQ Tank

December 2, 2021
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A Massive Job Calls for USST’s Expert Knowledge

A large primary clarifier serving as an equalization tank at a city’s wastewater treatment facility had accumulated 16-foot-high mounds of sand along the bottom, seriously reducing its capacity and potentially passing grit through the treatment process.  U.S. Submergent Technologies’ (USST) expertly trained crew set about to handle cleaning this massive 125-foot in diameter structure. 

Wastewater Tank Grit Removal
USST’s crew removed 977 tons of sand from this large primary clarifier in Central Florida. If you’ve got grit, USST can Grit ‘Er Done!®

“Our knowledgeable crews have a proven keen ability to navigate obstacles on the ground and this job presented some unique challenges,” said Paul Del Favero, Operations Manager at USST.  “This tank was huge, it’s covered, and the walls were about 25 feet high, so accessing the material inside was not going to be easy. By utilizing specialized equipment, we were able to set up our process inside the structure and clean out the sand efficiently and without damaging the structure.”

Crew members extended hydraulic lines and ran a 120-foot hose setting up a pump to run on our powerful Combination Truck.  Using our GritGone Process®, USST removed sand and grit while returning decanted water back to the plant for further treatment. The crew used reclaimed water from the facility to clean the structure. All these measures contributed to lowering our carbon footprint on this job site.

In total, 977 tons of sand were removed from this primary clarifier which holds on average 1.4 million gallons of water.  With capacity and flow restored, the facility is functioning more efficiently.


Our crews quickly and safely remove debris from all kinds of environments under various conditions. Structures and situations we specialize in include:

  • Tanks with high walls while in operation
  • Large-diameter pipes in submerged or surcharged conditions with no bypass
  • Deep wet wells while in service
  • Splitter boxes or box culverts while in operation

If you have a problem that needs solving, chances are we’ve handled it in the past and can offer a solution. We employ a variety of different methodologies to capture debris using our versatile, one-of-a-kind Combination Truck.

If you’ve got grit, USST can Grit ‘Er Done!®

Call one of our knowledgeable project advisors for a free site assessment at 844-956-1129 or email info@ussubmergent.com.

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