A Business Built on Problem Solving

May 27, 2021
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USST Rises to Resolve a Variety of Challenges

At U.S. Submergent Technologies (USST) problem-solving skills and processes are critical components of running a successful business. We have been refining these skills over time through constant training, practice, and learning so we can address problems that have a greater degree of complexity. As our experience and reputation have grown, so has the degree of difficulty in the problems our customers face.

Recently, a customer in Southwest Florida had a digester that had gone septic. The microorganisms inside this structure died off and were no longer breaking down organic material. This situation had become an emergency and within hours of being on-site, USST’s Operations Manager, Paul Del Favero had performed an assessment and mobilized sealed roll-off boxes and tanker trucks to begin removing the dead sludge or dark water.

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While most vacuum trucks have only a vacuum, the GritGone Process® features our innovative jetter and downhole pump system to produce successful results other technologies cannot match.

“Our capacity to understand the situation, organize, and respond quickly is what sets USST apart from anyone else in this business,” said Paul Del Favero. “We transported 45,000 gallons of dark water per day from the facility until the job was complete. The ability to coordinate hauling and disposal of this material was nothing short of impressive.”

Having experts and well-trained crews in the field has taken USST to new opportunities outside of Florida. In Tennessee, USST traveled to two facilities to remove sludge, sand, and grit from an anoxic basin and a wet well. Our versatile Combination3® Truck functions as a standalone cleaning system for challenging, hard-to-clean environments. Our capacity restoration services help extend the life of existing infrastructure, saving time and money.

USST’s Paul Del Favero concluded, “years of hard work has gone into building our outstanding reputation and credentials. Our crews exceed expectations on the job site again and again. It is because of USST’s track record of safety, reliability, and attention to detail, our expertise and services are being requested more often outside the typical wheelhouse. We have the capability to address challenging problems and look forward to continuing to meet those challenges head-on.”

If you’ve got grit, USST can Grit ‘Er Done!®

Call one of our knowledgeable project advisors for a free site assessment or to ask any questions you may have at 844-956-1129 or email info@ussubmergent.com.

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