Capacity Restored to Blocked 30-Inch Gravity Sewer While in Service

January 20, 2020
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USST Crew with  Combination3® truck at work on the Tampa, Bayshore jobsite.
USST Crew with Combination truck at work on the Tampa, Bayshore jobsite.

After experiencing a series of overflows upstream, the City of Tampa was looking to clean sand and grit out of the Bayshore Gravity Sewer while in service.  Without the ability to bypass the line or divert flow, USST performed the work under submerged conditions in the 27-inch and 30-inch pipe.

Aaron Hood, one of USST’s experienced Operations Managers (read more about Aaron here!), led the USST crew on the Bayshore project, cleaning more than 7,000-feet of pipe. 

“We used our Combination truck outfitted with extended boom, downhole pump, and jetter to travel the length of the pipe and remove sand, grit, and some rag material,” said Aaron.  “The crew did a great job managing the high production rate and we performed all work while the line was in operation.”

No confined space entry was necessary due to USST’s patented equipment and process, saving the City time and money while ensuring a safe jobsite for the crew.  There was minimal intrusion into the surrounding neighborhood during the project due to the closed loop cleaning system of the Combination technology, which meant less odor and noise for nearby residences.

USST Crew on the Bayshore project.
USST Crew on the Bayshore project.

Tampa’s Bayshore project wrapped up with a PACP compliant post-cleaning inspection to confirm the removal of material with USST’s combined Sonar/CCTV truck.  The inspection gives valuable visibility into the pipes and provides the client with peace of mind that the project was successful.

Approximately 153-cubic yards of sand and grit were removed from the gravity sewer while in service, restoring an estimated 10% of capacity to the line.  The material was disposed of at an offsite city facility.

If your collection facility is experiencing overflows, you may have a sand and grit buildup issue.  USST can perform a pre-cleaning inspection to check on the condition of the line before work commences, as well as post-cleaning inspection to ensure material was removed.  If bypass is an issue, pipework can be performed in both surcharged and submergent conditions without confined space entry. 

Reach out to one of our Project Advisors to learn more about USST’s specialties in removing material from hard-to-reach environments.  Call (844) 765-7866 or email us at

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