Case Study: Branford, FL – Accumulated sand and grit cleaned from aeration basin and digester while plant remains online

February 18, 2020
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A facility in the Town of Branford, FL, was experiencing loss of detention volume and reduced water quality as a result of accumulated sand and grit on the bottom of their aeration basin and digester. The roughly 200,000 gallon per day facility had a large quantity of sand submerged under water. The accumulated sand and grit had reduced the efficiency of the grit chamber and was potentially exposing other elements in the treatment system to a buildup of sediments and particulates.


Using the 949 Combination3® Truck and the GritGone ProcessSM, U.S. Submergent Technologies (USST) pulled more than 35 cubic yards of accumulated material (sand and grit) from the bottom of their wastewater treatment plant without taking the system offline! By removing the sand, the Town of Branford facility realized a significant increase in capacity.


The USST crew provided a sustainable solution that reduces energy costs, reuses wastewater and generates a waste product that can be economically disposed of in a landfill. The client was very pleased with the results.

View the entire case study here.

PDF – Town of Branford Testimonial Letter

the process

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