Case Study: Orlando, FL – 2,500 Feet of Large Diameter Pipe Cleaned

Case Study: Orlando, FL – 2,500 Feet of Large Diameter Pipe Cleaned

February 18, 2020
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The City of Orlando, Florida s 48-inch sanitary sewer pipe near Kirkman Road, leading to the City’s Conserv II Water Reclamation Facility had lost capacity due to an accumulation of sand, grit, and material. 

Challenging access issues on the project included hard-to-reach manholes located on the opposite side of Shingle Creek.


The facility sought assistance from U.S. Submergent Technologies (USST) in early 2018 to remove the material. 

Access for equipment was challenging as the USST crew had to navigate through narrow access points to reach certain areas of the job. These difficulties could have been problematic, however, the USST crew adjusted their approach and utilized USST s Combinationtechnology to easily overcome the obstacles in order to reach the job site and get the work done efficiently and safely. 

USST’s Combinationtechnology engages jetter, vacuum and downhole pumping with 49-foot knuckleboom fully integrated on one truck chassis, creating a powerhouse of equipment in the submergent cleaning industry. No additional equipment or tools needed to be brought in, saving both time and resources for the client.


Paul Del Favero and Michael Kisling of the USST crew lead the Orlando project, cleaning out grit, rags and small rocks from the 2,500-foot length of sewer pipe. The City of Orlando’s project manager, Charlie Conklin, P.E., says, “I am very happy with their performance on this project, and I’m looking forward to utilizing their services on the next phase of this project and other future projects.”

View the full case study here.

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