Cleaning a Wastewater Tank – How Much Will It Cost?

March 23, 2021
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Plan your Maintenance with Confidence Using SediVision

SediVision, LLC understands the cost of cleaning a wastewater tank is directly associated with the amount of material and the difficulty required to reach and remove it. Given the importance of how much cleaning a tank will cost, accurately estimating the amount of material in the tank is just as vital.

In the wastewater industry, we often run into the question – How much will it cost to clean this tank?

Well, that depends on a few factors such as the amount of the material, the type of material, where the material is located, and the work required to reach and remove it. If a tank cannot be drained down to provide a visual assessment, then an estimate of quantity must be used. Probing is often used to estimate how much material is in the tank. However, typically only certain points can be probed, and these areas may not be representative, resulting in a significant under or over estimate.

Probing vs SV Visibility WEB

We’ve developed a more accurate means to determine how much and where material is in a wastewater tank. SediVision® is a state-of-the-art decision-making tool that maps the distribution and volume of material under turbid water in a wastewater tank. This allows wastewater managers to properly plan for maintenance and cleaning with confidence. SediVision provides more accurate quantities for estimating. Better estimates of quantity result in fewer change orders and greater certainty.

SediVision also reduces unnecessary cleaning activities when no material is present, saving time and money. When reliability matters, SediVision can not only tell you how much material is in your tank, but it can also verify all the material was removed after cleaning. This way you know the job was done right and that capacity has been restored to your facility.

Eliminate the guesswork and plan your maintenance with confidence. Contact us to learn more about SediVision at (866) 982-6531 or email

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