Cleaning Sand and Grit From Wastewater Treatment Structures In Operation

June 22, 2020
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U.S. Submergent Technologies’ Combination3® Truck with extended boom removing sand and grit from Florida wastewater treatment facility while in operation
Combination Truck with extended boom at work removing sand and grit from Central FL facility.

Cleaning sand and grit from a digester at a wastewater treatment plant

A digester at a Central Florida Wastewater Treatment Plant was due for cleaning, having built up an accumulation of sand and grit. The structure was cleaned in operation with the aid of funding from Florida’s Sand & Grit Grant Assistance Program. See if your facility is eligible for similar funding by reading more about the program here .

Measuring 100-feet in diameter with approximately 18-feet high tank walls, the digester was cleaned using the versatile Combination Truck. Due to the size of the facility, the structure had to be cleaned while remaining in full operation. No bypass or shut down was necessary to remove the material and no confined space entry was required to complete the job due to the adaptive technology of USST’s equipment and skill of the crew members.

Led by USST Foreman Charles Harrington, the crew utilized the Combination Truck’s extended boom and downhole pump to remove sand and grit while navigating around coarse air diffusers found on the bottom of the tank.

“This kind of precision cleaning is difficult to accomplish while a structure remains in operation,” said Charles. “Our technology makes it possible to clean around diffusers without doing damage at a high rate of production.”

Digester cleaned by U.S. Submergent Technologies at Central Florida wastewater treatment facility
Central FL digester.

Efficient sand and grit removal freed up capacity at this wastewater treatment facility

Approximately 39-tons of sand and grit was removed from the digester and disposed of at an offsite facility. Spent biosolids lingering at the bottom of the tank were also removed, emulsified, and returned to the tank for treatment and/or processing, thereby freeing up additional capacity.

Need a structure cleaned quickly or have a facility that must remain online?  USST is well-equipped to perform sand and grit removal from both wet or dry conditions, while in operation, and can do so at a higher production rate than most vacuum trucks.  Give one of our representatives a call for a free site assessment at (844) 765-7866 or email to learn more.

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