Deep Wet Well Cleaning, 40-Foot Vertical Pull to Debris Box

March 23, 2020
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USST’s Combination Truck

Sand, grit, and other wastewater residuals had accumulated over time in a West Florida lift station, reducing its overall capacity.  As part of a larger rehabilitation and improvement plan, the City of Tampa’s San Carlos Pump Station required cleaning and had a buildup of material deep in the wet well that needed to be removed.  Due to the challenging depth of the material, previous companies had been unable to reach the material with conventional vacuums and equipment.

A buildup of material in a wet well such as this has the potential to cause several issues, including increased pump run times and wear and tear on equipment.  A drain-down and confined space entry was necessary in order to efficiently access the wet well. 

The Combination Truck’s powerful vacuum was used to remove sand, grit, sludge, and rags at approximately 37-feet depth from the bottom of the wet well to slab/grade elevation, without any issues.  USST’s vacuum is powered by a blower capable of delivering nearly double the CFM of a standard vacuum truck, allowing the crew to remove large amounts of wastewater residuals and complete the job quickly and on schedule.  In total, 12-cubic yards were removed from the structure, ready for offsite disposal.

USST’s Combination Trucks are more than just a simple vac truck.  Equipped with powerful vacuum, downhole pump, jetter, and extended-reach boom, they have the ability to clean in wet or dry conditions in up to eight different setups without bringing multiple pieces of equipment to the jobsite.

“Lift stations in particular are one of the structures we can clean very efficiently in a variety of ways,” said Denver Stutler, USST CEO.  “We can remove material quickly and safely at an increased rate in almost any situation.”

Have a lift station that needs attention?  The Combination Truck makes restoring lift station capacity easier than you think.  Call one of our knowledgeable representatives for a free quote or to ask any questions you may have at (844) 765-7866 or email and check out our video to learn more about the Combination technology

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