SediVision Founder, Denver Stutler, Featured on Podcast with DooDoo Diva

November 8, 2022
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Denver Stutler, CEO of SediVision® and US Submergent Technologies, was honored to be featured on the DooDoo Diva “Smells Like Money” Podcast. Hosted by Suzan Marie Chin-Taylor, founder of Creative Raven, a division of Thompson Data Systems, LTD, the podcast features Suzan as she interviews guests from the wastewater industry who are recognized for:

  • Making an impact on the management and operation of systems that convey or test wastewater
  • Representing organizations that utilize disruptive or new technology
  • Or, who are executives ready to share their insights on being successful and sustainable in the wastewater industry.

Denver Stutler, who represents all three criteria of the podcast’s checklist, has been honored to join Suzan for multiple podcast episodes. You can view the full episode of this featured interview with Denver on The DooDoo Diva’s Smells Like Money Podcast Channel on YouTube, or tune in to your favorite podcast platforms including Apple Podcasts and Spotify.

Our deepest appreciation to the Diva for permission to share this snippet from Season 3 Episode 6, “An MRI for Your Wastewater Structures.”

About the DooDoo Diva

Suzan Chin-Taylor was the former marketing and public relations director for an international, hi-tech, optoelectronics manufacturing firm that served the wastewater and civil infrastructure security segments.

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