GRWA 2022 – Thank you for another great conference Georgia!

May 19, 2022
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US Submergent Technologies and the SediVision® team would like to thank everyone at the Georgia Rural Water Association for hosting another great conference. We were honored to participate.

If you stopped by our booths during the event, please say “hi” below in the comments!

Being at GRWA 2022 –

“The GRWA Conference was a great meeting that brought together water and wastewater professionals from throughout the state of Georgia. Jekyll Island is a beautiful and unique venue and a perfect place to come together as colleagues and as friends, whether it’s in conference sessions, at the exhibits, or at the Low Country boil.”

Matt Nestor, USST Project Manager
Matt Nestor, Project Manager at USST

To connect with Matt and learn more about how US Submergent Technologies (USST) can help you optimize your wastewater facility’s output using USST’s patented grit and debris removal processes, email him at

“The GRWA always puts on a great conference. “It’s organized, well planned, friendly faces. Conversations this year revolved around everyone being glad to get out of the ‘office’ and happy to see each other. A lot of people were interested in both USST and SediVision®. People came up without prompting. They wanted to understand what we do and to learn more about SediVision. The technology behind SediVision has clearly captured everyone’s attention.”

Michelle Roberts, Program Administrator

Another big feature this year was the opportunity to introduce SediVision® both in the exhibit hall and as part of a presentation in the wastewater education session conducted by Denver Stutler, CEO & SediVision co-inventor.

Facility operators, engineers, and others in our industry are saying that SediVision is:

Like an MRI for Wastewater Tanks

What does this mean for your wastewater system? Well, if you caught Denver’s presentation, you know that SediVision delivers a complete picture of what’s happening in your full wastewater tanks, positioning you to know with confidence and predictability when your tanks require cleaning and maintenance.

We’re very excited about sharing this technology for predictive, preventative maintenance. Visit to learn more, or request a proposal for your facility.

For more information on all the ways USST & SediVision can help your facilities run smoothly, and keep your desk clear of change orders you can call us at 407-809-5556, or email Matt Nestor at USST, or Jim Spencer, National SediVision Project Manager

Thanks again, GRWA 2022 team for all your hard work and a great conference, from the team at US Submergent Technologies and SediVision!

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