1 Year Later – Impacts of COVID on the Wastewater Industry

1 Year Later – Impacts of COVID on the Wastewater Industry

March 29, 2021
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It has been a year since our lives were impacted by a global pandemic. Who would have thought we would live through something like this? The coronavirus created a crisis unprecedented in our lifetimes. COVID has personally and professionally challenged each of us to adjust our lives and adapt to new norms in our society. Words like personal protective equipment, social distancing, contact tracing, and essential workers became part of our vocabulary, and the way we conduct business has changed.

COVID-19, Changes in the Wastewater Industry & Beyond

In March 2020 life seemed to come to a halt and that is no different in the wastewater cleaning industry. Many stopped meeting face-to-face, offices closed, and remote interfacing became the standard. Local governments became cautious on spending and this included infrastructure maintenance. When the pandemic first hit, U.S. Submergent Technologies (USST) found that our reputation and customer relationships built over the years were vital components in carrying us through the lockdown as essential service providers.

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Now that we have arrived at the one-year anniversary of this pandemic, we want to look back and share lessons learned.  We asked our team about their experiences from the past year, in the field and the office, as we try to assess the impact COVID has had on our industry.

The initial reaction from everyone at USST was gratitude to be healthy and employed during this pandemic. As essential workers, providing a vital service to the health of communities, USST crews got it done safely. Our crew members faced many challenges to keep critical wastewater infrastructure flowing throughout the pandemic. This included further adapting our already rigorous safety measures to include CDC COVID-19 guidelines. The passion and respect we have for the work and industry has never been stronger. While it has been a long year, we have endured, and with a vaccine now available there is hope normalcy can be restored.

If you have a challenging situation that needs attention, USST’s Combination Truck makes restoring treatment or collection capacity easier than you think. 

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