February 12, 2016
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Job title: Field supervisor

Age: 22

Hometown: Fort Pierce, FL

Pets: One Dog, Daisy

Hobbies: Hunting and fishing

Role model: My dad, because he taught me everything I know and he made me the man I am today.

First job: Equipment operator at Hamilton Ag Service

Lesson from mom that I still live by: “Always be honest and respectful.”

Proudest accomplishment: Starting at the bottom of the company and making it to the position I’m in now.

Favorite movie: “Tombstone”

No. 1 place I’d like to visit: Texas

The only person I’d want to be stranded with on a deserted island: The President, because someone is going to find him.

If someone handed me $1 million: I’d give it to my girlfriend because that’s where all my money goes.

If I were a super hero, my special power would be: Super strength

My motivation to work safe: My family

The coolest part of our trucks: The downhole system

Most over-used phrase on the job site: “Is this going to be sometime today?”

Song title that describes my life: “My life’s been a country song” by Chris Cagle

One word that describes my dancing ability: Phenomenal


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