Laser Focus: Safety on the Road at USST

September 28, 2021
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On any given day at U.S. Submergent Technologies (USST), crews mobilizing Class 8 (any vehicle over 33,000 lbs.) commercial vehicles equipped with specialized cleaning equipment, depart from our operations hub in Orlando Florida.  Their destinations are wastewater treatment facilities and critical wet infrastructure all over Florida and parts of the Southeast.  Their purpose is clear; to safely restore the capacity of wet infrastructure nobody notices but everybody relies upon.  When this professional group of experienced and knowledgeable CDL drivers gets on the road, one word, and one thing is at the top of everyone’s list, safety.  

“At USST, we employ professional CDL drivers because it is a serious business moving heavy equipment and operating commercial vehicles on the road,” said Paul Meding, General Manager at USST.  “We scrutinize our drivers based on the highest safety standards and hold them accountable through our company’s Driver and Fleet Safety Program.  We focus on ongoing training and providing resources for our drivers to do their best on the roads.  The unique type of equipment we’re using every day furthers the need for our emphasis on safety.  These efforts lead to better employee productivity and a significant reduction of the risks we must face.”

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At USST, we utilize duel-facing dashcam and GPS monitoring systems while our fleet vehicles are being driven and operated, our drivers benefit from constant monitoring, vehicle inspections, ride alongs, and professional coaching behind the wheel.  As professional drivers at USST, driving records, history, and patterns define skill level and professionalism on the road.  We are committed to providing ongoing training, resources, and support for our drivers.  These are some of the ways in which our company stands out from others in the industry and our well-deserved reputation for getting the job done safely is a direct result of those efforts. 

Recently, a State Trooper from the Florida Highway Patrol (FHP) Commercial Vehicle Enforcement division met with the USST Operations team to discuss safety on the road and foster an open dialogue on commercial vehicle safety.  The FHP Trooper discussed good driving habits, pre-trip inspections and preparations, state policies for commercial vehicles on the road, and ways to avoid distracted driving, which includes any activity (visual, manual, or cognitive) that takes your focus off the road even for a second.

“USST is constantly looking for ways to help our team grow in their professional roles,” concluded Mr. Meding.  “The essential work we perform can be dangerous and we know we can always do more, better, this keeps our company on the latest techniques when implementing our Health and Safety plans in the field.  I am proud of our crews for the work they perform safely every day and their willingness to embrace standards and practices that nurture our company’s culture of safety.”

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