USST’s 1249 Combination3® truck completes multi-tank job in Sanford, Florida

September 3, 2015
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U.S. Submergent Technologies recently completed a job for the City of Sanford in Florida. The job, which was executed by the 1249 Combination3® truck, involved drain-downs of two separate tanks.

Jerry Botts, Chief Operating Officer and General Manager for the Florida Service Group, reports that this project was distinguished by a significant amount of sand and grit, which posed no problem for the crew since they didn’t have to enter the tanks and clear by hand.

“We were able to do the job more expeditiously than others because of the proprietary equipment – the pumping application mounted to a telescopic boom,” Jerry said. “The boom puts our equipment in position a lot quicker than other technologies and requires a lot less man-entry into the tank. We can do the job more surgically.”

Jerry also noted that the design and function of the Combination3® trucks are what sets USST apart from its competitors. “It’s easier to back up with our equipment – it’s a more compact, consolidated operation,” he said. “We don’t have nearly the amount of equipment that others do and can pack up a lot more quickly. It’s convenient for the customer as well.”

A competitor in close proximity to Sanford had previously done this job for the city but USST’s Richard Smith reports that the operator at the facility was not satisfied, feeling they had not received quality service. He says that the client appears to be very happy with USST’s performance.

“This one was a complete drain-down – there could have been competition for this project but they wanted a better quality job than they had received in the past,” Richard said. “This job was seamless – there were no issues. We went in and did a quality job for this client.”

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