National Engineers Week

February 24, 2023
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The National Society of Professional Engineers founded National Engineers Week, or EWeek back in 1951, to help support and ensure a diverse and well-educated future engineering workforce. Their strategy is one of increasing interest and understanding in engineering and technology careers.

From virtual to in-personal Future City competitions to webinars, “Girl Day” (February 23, 2023), the Federal Engineer of Year Award Ceremony (February 24, 2023), and the upcoming World Engineering Day held this year on March 4, EWeek encompasses a range of activities, awards, and well-earned recognition.

As a formal coalition of more than 70 engineering, education, and cultural societies, and more than 50 corporations and government agencies, you’ll find Engineers Week being honored and celebrated across the U.S.

2023 Girl Day Square wNSPE Logo

SediVision and US Submergent Technologies Proudly Serve the Engineering Community

The services our teams at SediVision and US Submergent Technologies provide to utility operators and the wastewater industry are often guided, facilitated, or supported by the engineering community, most especially Civil Engineers and Wastewater Engineers. We are honored and privileged to partner with, work alongside, or work under the guidance of Professional Engineers who recognize the value of our services and our team’s work ethics in supporting their clients’ needs and objectives.

The Sweeter Side of Wastewater Engineering

Denver J. Stutler, P.E., is the CEO of US Submergent Technologies and SediVision’s CEO and co-inventor. During National Engineers Week he started his day with a sweet surprise, attached by his staff to his office door. The image below, jam-packed with candy bars, gives your the idea but we’ve included on the left, the full text from the team’s sweet message to their leader.

SediVision National Engineers Week 1

Happy National Engineering Week Denver! We wanted to thank you for all you do for the SediVision Team, it is nothing to (Snickers) at! There is (ZERO) chance that we could operate without you!

Thank you for putting up with our (Butterfinger) s! Sometimes you only get a (Fast Break) when we are in a (Nestle’s CRUNCH)! We promise we won’t ever play any (Twix) on you.

We appreciate you to (Reese’s Pieces) for all your (Extra) work you do for us and how you help us so (Bueno)! When we are (Air Heads), you are our (LifeSaver)! We would give you (100 Grand) on (Payday) if we reach our monthly goal!

With a show of support like that from his valued and much appreciated team, National Engineering Week could easily become Denver’s favorite holiday!

More about Engineers and the Wastewater Industry in the News

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