Safety in Movement

Safety in Movement

October 16, 2017
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We are moving fast, every day, in both our personal and professional lives.  It is during these busy times when we must focus and be extra attentive of things in motion around us, including ourselves, especially when safety is the goal.

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Safety matters most when we are moving; there is a higher probability of things happening that shouldn’t.  People, places, equipment, vehicles and more are constantly on the move, meaning more risk for the individual. “Falls” is the number one cited job site fatality in 2015 according to OSHA1, followed by “Struck By Object.”

Take a glance at OSHA’s “Top 10 OSHA Citations of 2016” if you’d like to learn more about common job site violations, or to simply serve as a reminder for the future.

A culture of safety requires paying attention throughout the day, particularly when there is more to pay attention to.  Consider the different levels of effort required to pay attention while driving in good weather compared to moving fast in heavy traffic in the rain.  As our CEO, Denver J. Stutler, likes to say, “What matters most, is getting it done when it matters!”

Focused individuals lead to a focused organization, which in turn leads to a more productive and enhanced overall operations, all while maintaining safety standards.  Stay safe out there!




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