Sand and Grit Removal from 1,200-Feet of Pipe

December 23, 2019
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USST's  Combination3® Truck at work performing sand and grit removal on Southwest FL Gravity Sewer.
USST’s Combination Truck at work on Southwest FL Gravity Sewer.

USST recently completed work on a 1,200-foot section of 30-inch gravity sewer located under a major roadway which was experiencing reduced capacity due to a buildup of sand and grit.  The facility had explored a number of options but was unable to solve the issue due to safety, time, and cost concerns.  Because the line was unable to be shutdown, USST was able to solve the problem and perform sand and grit removal while in operation, under flow.

USST Foreman Michael Kisling led the crew on the project, ensuring all material was removed, following up with a post-cleaning inspection.  The crew encountered unexpected access concerns when beginning the project.   One of the manholes planned for access during cleaning was discovered to have limitations for USST’s equipment and was unable to be used. 

“In order to overcome the restricted access, we jetted material back to an accessible manhole using the Combination Truck,” said Michael.  “It required us to clean from a downstream manhole while navigating a 90-degree turn, removing material while under flow.”

After the material was removed, an inspection was performed while the line was in full operation using USST’s pipe profiling sonar unit on their combined Sonar/CCTV truck with PACP Certified Operator.   USST’s underwater sonar imaging gave the crew visibility to conditions inside the 30-inch pipe, providing an assessment of the condition of the line, as well as confirmation of cleaning.   

“12-tons of sand and grit were removed from the pipe,” said Michael, “restoring its capacity without having to bypass flow or resort to confined space entry.” 

USST Crew and Combination3® Truck on the jobsite.
USST Crew and Combination Truck on the jobsite.

The project was completed quickly, safely, and on-schedule.  Material was disposed of at an offsite client-operated facility.

Wondering what’s in your pipe or tank?  USST can deliver live inspection feeds providing comprehensive reports and video for both pre- and post- cleaning inspections.  Performing these inspections allow USST to deliver a tailored solution and generates a quicker outcome due to having a clear understanding of the problem to solve.

Give one of our representatives a call to schedule an inspection to get visibility to an issue your facility may be facing or to learn more about USST’s specialties in hard-to-reach environments both in surcharged or submerged conditions.  Call (844) 765-7866 or email us at

Check out our video to learn more about the Combination Truck and GritGone Process®.

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