1,575-Tons Removed from Oxidation Ditch

March 25, 2019
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Aerial view of oxidation ditch before cleaning.  A concrete structure filled with green vegetation and sludge.

An oxidation ditch at the Westside Regional Water Reclamation Facility (WRF) in Daytona Beach, Florida was due for cleaning as part of a larger rehabilitation plan, having built up a significant amount of sand, grit, and vegetation.  Measuring approximately 550-feet long by 120-feet wide with walls 20-feet in height, USST mobilized to the site prepared to perform sand and grit removal services.  The crew completed the job in record time, well-ahead of schedule, motivated, perhaps, by being in the speed capital of the state.

“U.S. Submergent [Technologies] completed their work ahead of schedule and with no disruption to the existing plant operations or other construction activities onsite.”

– Joe DeHart, Project Manager, PC Construction

Paul Del Favero, one of USST’s seasoned Field Supervisors, arrived with a team ready to remove the large quantities of sand, grit, and vegetation material from the oxidation ditch.  A drain down was necessary to effectively reach the material, and all work was performed via confined space entry by the USST crew.  

“We follow all safety precautions when performing confined space entry work,” said Paul.  “It’s important to get it right the first time.”  With 80(+) hours of safety compliance and on-the-job training completed by each team member, the USST crew has daily meetings to review the day’s upcoming work and to ensure all required PPE and safety equipment are in use.

USST’s Combination truck was utilized on the jobsite and employs a vacuum powered by a blower capable of delivering nearly double the CFM of a standard vacuum truck.  This allows the crew to remove large amounts of dry material and complete the job quickly. 

“It’s not your average vac truck,” said Denver Stutler, Jr., USST’s CEO. “Like a well-precisioned pit crew, the capabilities of our Combination truck and the intense training our guys complete enable our team to run at a high production rate.”

Approximately 1,575 total tons of material were removed from the oxidation ditch well ahead of the projected schedule, restoring capacity to the structure. 

“I’m very proud of the accomplishments of the entire crew and their performance in Daytona,” said Paul Del Favero.  “Everyone pitched in, worked safely, and got the job done in record time for the client.”

USST partnered with the PC Construction Company on the Daytona project.  Joe DeHart, Project Manager for PC Construction, has been in the industry for 18 years and with PC Construction for three.

“U.S. Submergent [Technologies] exceeded our expectations with their work on this project,” said Joe.  “They worked very quickly to complete the work, but more importantly, they worked safely.  U.S. Submergent [Technologies] completed their work ahead of schedule and with no disruption to the existing plant operations or other construction activities onsite.”  

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Need a structure cleaned quickly or have a facility that must remain online?  The many capabilities of the USST crew and equipment are well-equipped to remove sand, grit and other material from both wet or dry conditions, while in operation, and can do so at a higher production rate than most vac trucks.  Give one of our representatives a call for a free site assessment at (844) 765-7866 or email info@ussubmergent.com to learn more.

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