SediVision Gets To Work Saving Customer Thousands of Dollars

February 25, 2021
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Eliminates the Guesswork of Material in Wastewater Tanks

In Southeast Florida, U.S. Submergent Technologies (USST) was able to provide visibility to managers of a wastewater treatment facility regarding their oxidation ditch and potential loss of capacity. The visibility was provided by USST using SediVisionTM, an exclusive tool that allows for complete visibility of sand and grit accumulation in wastewater tanks.

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The SediVision perspective eliminates the guesswork of material in wastewater tanks.

In our industry, draining down a wastewater tank can be logistically difficult. Because the water is highly turbid, handheld rods are typically used to probe around the tank edges to determine the quantity of material. This is an unreliable means to estimate how much material is spread throughout the tank. For this customer, not knowing exactly how much material was in the tank created uncertainty, which typically leads to higher costs.

Uncertainty is the Achilles’ heel of our industry; uncertainty of the type, volume, and location of the material. For this project, uncertainty might have delayed much-needed maintenance on the oxidation ditch indefinitely. However, by utilizing our SediVisionTM technology, USST was able to provide greater certainty in the volume of material and present a solid work plan that was much more affordable for the customer.

Because SediVisionTM allowed for targeted cleaning efforts inside the tank, we were able to save this owner time and money. In fact, this project only cost half of what would be estimated using typical assumptions.

USST cleaned this tank while it was full, so the facility did not have to undergo any logistical difficulties associated with draining down. Using our powerful Combination3® Truck, our crew was able to reach the structure and remove all the material. Finally, after cleaning the tank, we were able to verify for our customer that the material was removed, and the job was done right.

Would knowing how much material has accumulated in your tanks be helpful?

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