Covered Splitter Box Cleaned Via Manhole While In Service

August 19, 2019
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USST  Combination3® Truck at work on in service splitter box.
USST Combination Truck at work on splitter box while in service.

Access issues had prevented a covered splitter box at a Central Florida wastewater treatment facility from being cleaned.  A large amount of accumulated sand and grit had built up over time, and the structure was experiencing reduced capacity. So how was this splitter box cleaned while in service?

A splitter box serves to separate influent flow to various structures such as aeration basins or oxidation ditches and can be hard to shut down or bypass flow in order to perform regular maintenance. 

“Cleaning a structure while in operation is our specialty,” said Aaron Hood, experienced Field Supervisor at USST.  “This particular splitter box was also covered, adding a layer of complexity to the project, but didn’t prevent us from being able to remove the large quantity of material in a short amount of time.”

Aerial view of splitter box. at facility
Aerial view of splitter box at facility.

The 55-foot long by 7-foot wide structure had two access points on top of the tank.  USST crew, along with the powerful Combination Truck, was able to employ the jetter to jet material back to the downhole pump positioned at the manhole for removal.  The work was performed in submerged conditions, while remaining in operation, a challenge the facility had previously been unable to solve.  Since the splitter box was cleaned while in service, confined space entry was not required to complete the project.

USST utilized the unique GritGone Process® to remove 74-tons of sand and grit in total, generating paint-filter material ready for disposal.  Check out our video to get a more detailed explanation of how our GritGone Process® works.  The project was completed on time and the client saved valuable time and resources by not having to shut down operations or figure out a bypass solution.

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