Stormwater Box Culvert Cleaned in Both Wet and Dry Conditions

May 20, 2020
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 USST's Combination3® Truck
USST’s Combination Truck

After experiencing a series of overflows in a residential area, a West Florida city was looking to clean up a severely blocked stormwater box culvert.  Due to a fluctuating tide schedule creating a surcharged environment, the stormwater structure was cleaned in both wet (high tide) and dry (low tide) conditions.

Paul Stephenson, one of USST’s experienced Foremen (read more about Paul here!), led the USST crew on the project, cleaning more than 300-feet. 

“Having our Combination Truck allowed us to get everything done in one go,” said Paul. “We used a number of setups to remove material with one truck, including the vacuum, downhole pump and jetter, depending on whether the tide was in or out and the resulting conditions in the structure.”

The USST crew utilized the downhole pump and jetter when water was present in the structure to remove sand and grit and switched to vacuum to remove remaining material during dry conditions. In total, 12-yards were removed and disposed of at an offsite city facility.  Lawn chairs, wood, and yard waste were some of the larger debris removed from the structure.

Debris removed from Stormwater Box Culvert.
Debris removed from Stormwater Box Culvert.

There was minimal intrusion into the surrounding neighborhood during the project due to the closed loop cleaning system of the Combination technology, which meant less odor and noise for nearby residences.

“This was one of the more challenging projects I have had the privilege of leading,” said Paul. “We were fortunate to have the technology necessary to be able to react to situations as they arose and accomplish this job efficiently.”

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