The Challenges of Cleaning Large-Diameter Pipe

The Challenges of Cleaning Large-Diameter Pipe

February 19, 2020
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U.S. Submergent Technologies cleans sand, grit, and other debris out of wet environments in challenging conditions. We’re well known for our success in wastewater treatment facilities, but our Combination technology gives us the ability to clean collection infrastructure and large-diameter pipe that previously may not have been able to be cleaned, while systems remain in service and with no bypass.  

USST Crew performing large-diameter pipework in Tampa, Florida.
USST Crew performing pipework in Tampa, Florida.

Buildup in Pipe Systems

Large-diameter pipe systems can become clogged with sand or debris, causing blockage, reducing flow capacity, and causing potential upstream flooding. Over time, sand seeps into collection systems through cracks and seams, constricting pipe flow once it begins to accumulate. 

Other unwanted debris, both naturally occurring and manmade (litter), makes its way into pipe systems, adding to the problem and obstructing flow.  Since we are unable to see the accumulated material, the problem often goes unnoticed.  When this impacts a lift station, energy costs can rise significantly as well as wear and tear on equipment.

Restoring Capacity

If capacity isn’t restored, a blocked pipe could potentially cause flooding and water damage in the surrounding areas, as well as impeding overall flow.

USST recently removed 32-tons of sand from a stormwater pipe in Miami-Dade County under surcharged conditions, and restored capacity to more than 7,000-feet of gravity sewer by removing 180-tons of material with no bypass in Tampa, Florida.

With USST’s technology, our crews can clear blockages in submerged or surcharged conditions without the need to bypass flow and without resorting to confined space entry.  A few examples of pipe systems that USST has the ability to clean are as follows:

  • Gravity/Sanitary Sewer Collection Pipes
  • Outfall Pipes
  • Siphons
  • Stormwater Systems, including box culverts and baffle boxes

If you really want to see if you have an issue, USST can deliver live inspection feeds providing comprehensive reports and video for both pre- and post- cleaning inspections.  Performing these inspections allow USST to deliver a more tailored solution and generates a quicker outcome due to having a clear understanding of the problem to solve.

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