Under the River & Around the Corner

Under the River & Around the Corner

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70-Cubic Yards of Material Creatively Removed from 660-Feet of Pipe, While in Operation

Tampa Pic 1 lores

USST’s Combination3® truck at work under the Hillsborough River

U.S. Submergent Technologies (USST) recently completed work for the City of Tampa on a 300-foot section of interceptor sewer pipe running alongside the Hillsborough River which was experiencing reduced capacity due to a buildup of sand and grit.

Located in a neighborhood, USST setup downstream on the southeast bank of the Hillsborough River.  In order to access the 300-foot 48-inch diameter interceptor sewer pipe, the USST crew had to maneuver through a 360-foot 36-inch diameter siphon and parallel 20-inch diameter siphon under the river, with a 115-degree change in direction.

Tampa Pic 4 lores

Close-up of Siphon

USST’s unique Combination truck with extended boom, dripless tube system, and jetter were utilized to travel the 360-foot length of siphon, navigate the 115-degree turn, and remove material from 300-feet of interceptor sewer pipe.  USST’s Field Supervisor, Aaron Hood lead the USST crew on the Tampa project, having been with the company since 2014, and has the most experience managing the capabilities of USST’s Combination truck and the GritGone Process®.

“While I was surprised at the amount of material that we encountered in the pipe, I wasn’t surprised that we had the capability to remove it,” said Aaron.

Almost 70-cubic yards of sand and grit was removed from the pipes, restoring more than 26% of its capacity, all while remaining in full operation.

Tampa Pic 2 lores

Material removed from the Siphon

“The exceptional ability of our equipment to make a 115-degree turn in submerged conditions and remove a significant amount of material while remaining operational is what separates us from others in the market,” said Denver Stutler, Jr., co-founder and CEO of USST.  “I’m proud of our team and their effort to restore capacity, as well as our working relationship with the City of Tampa.”

Specializing in hard-to-reach environments in submerged conditions, USST can build a plan to safely and efficiently remove material from tanks, pipes, lift stations, and more.  Check out our video to learn more about the Combination technology and the GritGone Process® and give one of our representatives a call for a free site assessment at (844) 765-7866.

Tampa Pic 3 lores

USST on the Tampa jobsite

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