Probing vs Complete Visibility Inside Wastewater Tanks

November 30, 2021
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SediVision Reveals Over Three Times The Amount of Material Than Estimated by Wastewater Probes

In central Florida, a wastewater treatment facility was experiencing loss of capacity and inefficiency with one of its aeration basins.  They probed this 140 by 40-foot wastewater tank from a few accessible spots along the walkway and hit concrete every time, indicating minimal material buildup.  However, the aeration basin was still using more energy than required and seemed to be suffering from a loss in capacity.  This facility could not logistically drain this tank down and wanted to know precisely what was occurring under all that dark water. 

SediVision LLC was called in to perform an analysis on this critical structure and gain complete visibility under the dark water.  In just a few hours, sufficient data was collected from the aeration basin and our team got to work compiling this information to provide complete visibility of the location and volume of material inside.  SediVision® revealed that a large amount of material had accumulated along the center portions of the tank, which are not accessible with a probe.

Wastewater probes could not reveal the areas shown in red on this analysis of a tank.
SediVision revealed sand and grit debris throughout the middle of this wastewater tank that needed to be removed. Traditional wastewater probes couldn’t reach the areas highlighted.

SediVision® provides complete visibility under dark water in wastewater tanks, which until now, has been unheard of in our industry.  SediVision revealed nearly three times the amount of material inside this tank than originally estimated after probing. This reliable data allowed the customer to better plan (or predict), and schedule maintenance.   

If you have a wastewater tank that for any reason cannot be drained down, let SediVision provide you with complete visibility.  Eliminate the guesswork of wastewater probes and plan your wastewater tank maintenance with confidence.

SediVision® leads to better knowledge, a better investment, and longer-lasting infrastructure.

Under water photo with text that reads "get complete visibility in your wastewater tanks" referring to SediVision versus traditional wastewater probes

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