90-Tons Removed From WWTP

90-Tons Removed From WWTP

December 20, 2017
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Facility Remained in Full Operation

For more than 5 years, the Avon Park WWTP has been accumulating unwanted sand and grit, a problem that often leads to increased energy costs and reduces plant efficiency.  USST’s reliable crew was able to safely and efficiently remove 90-tons of sand and grit from Avon Parks’s headworks and two digesters.

Digester Cleaning 2 1

USST Combination3® Truck working in Avon Park.

With an ADF (average daily flow) of about 850,000 gallons per day and a permitted capacity of 1.5 MGD (millions of gallons per day), this facility sought to restore the capacity of their facility as a preventative maintenance measure.  Using our GritGone Process®, the facility was cleaned while all structures remained in full operation and the removed material was paint-filter dry upon disposal.

Because of the capabilities of our patented Combination technology, the headworks did not require confined space entry, reducing liabilities for both ourselves and the client.  USST’s technology also utilizes an interchangeable system of both vacuum and downhole pumping methods, a crucial factor when cleaning structures such as headworks, lift stations, and pump stations.  Our vacuum removes matted FOGs from the top of the structure while our downhole pumping system removes debris from the bottom of the structure, all while the facility remains in full operation.

Our Lift Station Maintenance Made Easy article is a helpful resource to learn more about how our process is the safest and most efficient option to clean pump and lift stations, headworks and more.

Dumping Material Resized

Material removed from Avon Park facility.

In addition to Avon Park’s headworks, both digesters were also cleaned while remaining in full operation.  Our 49-foot knuckleboom crane provided easy access to the material, and no additional crane was needed.

USST stands alone as the only company to offer the unique and highly-effective service of waste and debris removal from wet infrastructure.  The capacity restoration services of USST can help utilities extend the life of their infrastructure, saving time, energy and money.

Give us a call at (844) 765-7866 or get a free quote here.

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