Introducing the USST 1249 Combination³® Truck

March 16, 2015
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U.S. Submergent Technologies, developer of the innovative and powerful Combination³® technology, introduces the model 1249, a medium-size model in its line of combination trucks. Designed to clean wastewater treatment plants and large diameter pipes, the 1249 will begin service in Florida this month.

USST’s Combination³® technology earns its distinction by featuring three components: vacuum, jetter, and a downhole system. The downhole system allows equipment to clean in deep or submerged environments and remove high viscosity material. The entire service can be performed while the plant remains in full operation – a capability that was previously missing in the vacuum truck marketplace.


Technical features of the model 1249 include:

·      49-foot knuckle boom crane with telescoping tubes for hard-to-reach places

·      400-horsepower engine that fully powers the Combination³® components

·      Fully automated, multi-directional reel capable of holding up to 1,000 feet of jetter hose

·      Downhole system that enables the removal of debris from deep or submerged conditions, or the removal of high viscosity fluids

·      Includes mounted vacuum system for use as required

·      Jetter nozzle produces 180 gallons per minute at 2,000 psi

·      12-yard debris tank, highly pressurized for debris and water separation

U.S. Submergent Technologies Combination³® equipment is operated remotely, saving time and improving operators’ ability to oversee work. The equipment also reduces or eliminates the need to put crew in confined spaces. Through the GritGone Process®, removed material such as sand and grit becomes “paint-filter dry” and immediately ready to be disposed of in a landfill. The entire service can be performed while the plant remains in operation.

The 1249 serves as a medium-sized model to the smaller 949 model and the 360HD model Combination³® trucks.

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