Learning from Experiences in Wastewater Technology

January 30, 2024
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Why learning from experiences and recognizing limitations are critical safety components in wastewater technology and infrastructure management.

In the third installment in our 12-part series on safety in the wastewater industry, we look at how knowledge gained specifically through experiences and the understanding of when to step back and when to step up are essential safety components in wastewater technology. 

If you have missed the first two installments from US Submergent Technologies (USST) published on Wastewater Visibility News, you’ll find them here:

Part 3 of the USST Safety Series: Learning from Experiences in Wastewater Technology Services

Learning from Experiences in Wastewater Technology

The Merriam-Webster online dictionary defines knowledge as “the fact or condition of knowing something with familiarity gained through experience or association.” By definition, knowledge is inherently built on one’s experiences.

Education and training are crucial safety tools for workers in wastewater technology and wastewater management. But when someone says, “Experience is the best teacher,” they are likely speaking from experience.

When to Step Up and When to Step Back

While knowing when to step up and when to step back is often associated with knowing when to lead and when to allow others to shine, it is equally appropriate when applied to workplace safety.

Stepping up speaks to management teams prioritizing in-depth product and equipment training and ongoing workplace education for their workers. Stepping up by team members means embracing best practices and speaking up when a process needs improvement or change.

reflective cone on a road

Stepping back is when the “measure twice” moment occurs.

But stepping back gets to the heart of “understanding our limits.” Stepping back calls for pausing to evaluate situations and next steps. Stepping back is when the “measure twice” moment occurs.

While it may add a little additional time to the task, the “step back” enables workers to double-check, troubleshoot mentally or in collaboration with teammates, review the steps ahead, and take one more final assessment of the task before them. The step-back moment is also when the wisdom that comes from experience and training inspires thoughtful decision-makers to make the call and say, “We have reached our limit.”

Whether that limit is in manpower or horsepower is immaterial. The judgment to identify the limits of workers, equipment, or environment is critical to ensuring safety in the workplace.

Our goal at US Submergent Technologies is to ensure that our teams, from the front lines to management, are knowledgeable through education and ongoing training. And to never lose sight of the fact that a team’s experiences can not only make them distinctive in their industry but can also go a long way to help keep them safe.

We Are Knowledgeable

When we learn from our experiences and understand our limits.

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