SediVision Wastewater Case Study: Louisville Metropolitan Sewer District

January 10, 2024
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SediVision has published a wastewater case study on a project conducted for the Cedar Creek Water Quality Treatment Center, Louisville Metropolitan Sewer District.

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The Cedar Creek Water Quality Treatment Center (CCWQTC), part of the Louisville Municipal Sewer District (MSD), had a concentric channel oxidation ditch that had not been cleaned in over 10 (ten) years, a fact that caused understandable concern and uncertainty.

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Deploy SediVision® technology to scan the concentric channel oxidation ditch. Deliver to Louisville MSD informed data regarding the quantity and location of debris within the ditch.


SediVision results revealed the location of debris within the ditch and showed that the ditch contained only a limited quantity of debris.


Equipped with hard data, Louisville MSD decision makers could evaluate the effectiveness of the Louisville Sand and Grit Removal System, concluding it was highly effective, and could then strategically choose to allocate funds to other projects instead of cleaning the oxidation ditch.

Read the full SediVision/ Cedar Creek Water Quality Treatment Center wastewater case study.

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