SediVision Wastewater Technology Team Continues to Grow

November 17, 2022
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Leadership in the wastewater technology industry.

Earlier this year, SediVision® added two key wastewater technology professionals to its management team. Jerry Gordon was announced as the company’s new Chief Operating Officer. Chip Johnson joined the Business Development team to help facilitate the ongoing growth of SediVision across Alabama, Georgia, Tennessee, Mississippi, and Texas.

Jerry Gordon SediVision Wastewater Technology
Jerry Gordon,
Chief Operating Officer

Jerry is responsible for growing and scaling SediVision, LLC, a company built around proprietary technology that enables visibility of sand, grit, and debris in full wastewater tanks. Because SediVision® technology “sees” beneath dark water with no requirement to drain down or go offline, wastewater managers, utilities, contractors, and engineers can gain an accurate picture of what’s inside wastewater tanks.

As the past President of Sprayroq, Inc, and a past Vice President of Sales and Marketing for Instituform Technologies, developer of the world’s most widely accepted wastewater pipeline rehabilitation process, Jerry is a skilled and strategic leader and a wastewater industry veteran.

Chip-Johnson-SediVision Wastewater Technology
Chip Johnson,
Business Development

Chip Johnson, an Auburn, Alabama resident, brings over forty years of engineering and construction experience to his role in Business Development at SediVision. Much of Chip’s experience has been directly focused on water, wastewater, and stormwater industry treatment and conveyance.

As interest and demand for SediVision technologies continue to grow across the Southeast and beyond, Chip plays an important role in serving the needs of today’s wastewater industry.

Read more about Jerry Gordon and Chip Johnson here. Or connect with the SediVision team directly at (866) 982-6531 to learn more about the wastewater technology our clients say is “like an MRI for wastewater tanks®.”

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