Tackling Tough Lime Removal in BTU Structure

Tackling Tough Lime Removal in BTU Structure

February 19, 2020
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Lime buildup prior to removal in outer ring of BTU.
Lime buildup prior to removal in outer ring of BTU.

A large Biological Treatment Unit (BTU) at an East Florida wastewater facility was experiencing reduced capacity and due for maintenance.  Measuring 113-feet by 130-feet and consisting of three concentric rings with a center pier effluent chamber, the cleaning of the tank was part of a plan to remove tough lime material that had accumulated over time.

Lime is typically used for precipitating impurities, adjusting pH levels, and odor control.  In the case of this BTU, the lime was not intended to be introduced into the system and was taking up valuable capacity.  The sludgy, clay-like consistence of lime material can prove challenging during removal and was an issue that had previously been unsolvable by others.

Led by Foreman Michael Kisling, USST crew arrived with the Combination Truck prepared to tackle the challenge.  In order to effectively remove large quantities of lime, sand, and grit material from the BTU, a drain down was necessary. 

USST's Combination3® Truck at work on BTU in East Florida.
USST’s Combination Truck at work on BTU in East Florida.

USST crew utilized the Combination Truck’s powerful vacuum to first clean the structure’s outer rings, moving on to the center pier effluent chamber, removing an estimated 9-feet of material.  Combination Truck’s vacuum is powered by a blower capable of delivering nearly double the CFM of a standard vacuum truck, allowing the crew to remove large amounts of wastewater residuals and complete the job quickly.

“I’m proud of the performance of both our crew and equipment on this project,” said Denver Stutler, USST CEO.  “Being able to reach and remove what others can’t is our specialty, and we welcome the challenges.”

Overview of East Florida facility's BTU structure.
Overview of East Florida facility’s BTU structure.

In total, an estimated 45-tons of lime, sand and grit material were cleaned from the outer rings while 15-tons were removed from the effluent chamber and disposed of offsite.

USST can build a plan to remove material from both wet or dry conditions in a variety of hard-to-reach environments from tanks, pipes, lift stations, and more.  Give one of our project advisors a call for a free site assessment at (844) 765-7866 or email info@ussubmergent.com.

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