In The USST Spotlight: Randy Cordrey

In The USST Spotlight: Randy Cordrey

March 15, 2017
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Say hello to Randy Cordrey,

our business development manager. Our team had the pleasure of meeting Randy at the 2016 Florida Water Resources Conference. We liked him so much, we asked him to join our sales team. Read on to find out what makes Randy tick.

In the USST Limelight Randy Cordrey U.S. Submergent Technologies

Randy Cordrey, US Submergent Technologies

Hometown: Washington, D.C.

Family: My wife, Lucy, and my daughter, Jennifer.

Pets: A husky named Sierra.

Hobbies: Golf, basketball and outdoor sports.

Role Model: Tiger Woods.

First Job: Newspaper route at age 14.

Lesson from Mom That I Still Live By: My mother always said to be nice to people.

Proudest Accomplishment: When I was 11 years old, I pitched a perfect game — it felt awesome.

Favorite Aovie: Field of Dreams.

No. 1 Place I’d Like to Visit: My wife tells me, “You have to go to Paris.” It’s on my bucket list to take her.

The Only Person I’d Want to be Stranded With on a Deserted Island: My wife.

If Someone Handed Me $1 Million: I’d invest.

If I Were a Superhero, My Special Power Would Be: Professional golfer.

My Motivation to Work Safe: My motivation is to see my family every night.

What I Like Best About USST: The people.

My Best Friend Would Describe Me As: Hardworking, dedicated, integrity.

Song Title That Describes My Life: “September” by Earth, Wind & Fire

One Word That Describes My Dancing Ability: Smooth.

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