USST’s Comprehensive Safety Operations Program Has You Covered

September 11, 2020
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U.S. Submergent Technologies’ comprehensive safety operations program sets us apart from other companies. In addition to providing our customers with thorough, personalized safety plans for each jobsite, every member of U.S. Submergent Technologies’ experienced field crew has completed more than 80 hours of safety and compliance training with ongoing on-the-job instruction. Our crews expertly operate our one-of-a-kind patented technology while making safety our top priority. 

USST crews follow safety protocol while cleaning a tank in operation

Why a safety plan matters

A U.S. Submergent Technologies’ Health & Safety plan outlines — in detail — how we will approach the project at hand and the safety precautions that we will take while performing the work. A well-thought-out safety plan helps our crews, our customers, and our communities avoid dangerous situations, and just as important, a safety plan outlines the appropriate response in case an unexpected situation arises. 

What U.S. Submergent Technologies’ safety plans cover 

U.S. Submergent Technologies is committed to instituting and maintaining a comprehensive Health and Safety Program. The goal of our Health & Safety Program is to take the proper steps to prevent loss of life, injury, or property damage to all employees and members of the general public. U.S. Submergent Technologies recognizes that the responsibilities for safety and loss prevention must be shared by everyone.

Our plan typically includes but not limited to the following:

  • Site Specific Health and Safety Plan addressing risk assessment and hazards
  • First Aid and local first responder information
  • Transportation Plan addressing route hazards, route and fleet safety
  • Disposal Site Requirements and Compliance

Knowing the details above will ensure that all parties can get the right operators/employees involved and that everyone knows what to expect when walking onto a jobsite.

USST foreman follows the safety plan while cleaning pipe
Paul Del Favero, longtime USST Foreman.

How we make safety a priority 

The versatility of the Combination3® Truck often allows us to clean tanks and pipes while in service, reducing or even eliminating the need for confined space entry, if conditions allow. However, when confined space entry is necessary, our crews take extra care to follow our Confined Space Program, ensuring that the presence of atmospheric hazards are eliminated through proper ventilation and quality air monitoring. The space is made safe prior to entering. This activity is documented on our confined space permit.

In instances when confined space entry is unavoidable, you can trust that every member of U.S. Submergent Technologies’ experienced field crew will prioritize safety and that our safety operations program will ensure that you know what to expect throughout the process. 

For questions about our safety program or inquiries regarding specific issues your facility is facing, please call 407-809-5556 or email

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