Instead of Using Divers and Probes to Quantify Grit in Wastewater Tanks, Use SediVision®

September 5, 2023
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Are you still using divers and probes to quantify grit in your wastewater tanks? That is so old school…

If you are still using divers and probes to quantify the amount of grit in your wastewater tanks, then maybe you are also listening to cassette tapes and playing Atari pong on your TV. I know it can be difficult to let go of the past; there is a certain amount of comfort in doing it the old-school way. But maybe it’s time to make a change.

I’m sure by now you are sending emails from a smartphone, and a computer is running your car, so why insist on old tools and methods for your wastewater plant maintenance? Especially when there is a new process called SediVision®, an advanced engineered method that can quantify and geolocate grit in your wastewater tanks.

SediVision Technology: the Better Alternative to Using Divers and Probes in Wastewater Tanks

A SediVision crew can zip in and out, giving you more accurate results with a far less painful process. Results are processed and analyzed by in-house experts in sedimentation science and GIS. The figure below shows the accuracy of the SediVision process, compared side-by-side to a drained down tank.


Figure 1: SediVision Mapping of an Oxidation Ditch with Drain Down Comparison

With tank cleaning, the difference of one foot can mean well over $100,000 in cleaning costs. In the current financial climate, with continuously rising costs, can you really afford that level of error in your estimations?

The chart below outlines estimated cleaning costs for a 1,250-square-foot tank versus a 20,000-square-foot tank.

image 1

Table 1: Cost Estimates for Tank Cleaning  

The SediVision Solution

With SediVision, you get complete visibility in your wastewater tanks, providing you with a full mapping of areas so that you can make smarter decisions and establish a lean budget. Assessing your lost capacity enables you to understand better and plan cleaning in areas that may need it most, and estimating weights of removal can be done through our additional sampling program to give you an accurate and precise cost for cleaning. Join the more than 75 facilities throughout Florida, Alabama, Georgia, Texas, and Kentucky that have already decided to opt for newer, more accurate technology.

image 2

Figure 2: Locations that SediVision® has Been Successfully Deployed in Florida

Go ahead and get an upgrade to SediVision® – contact us today at for a free estimate. We’re here to help.

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